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Monday, June 20th, 2016

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    How to Prepare for Comic-Con
    comic con is the biggest comic book event of the year. It’s a place where fans of movies, comic books, television shows and nerd culture in general can get together and see their favourite stars and creators while purchasing merchandise from all their favourite properties.

    But it can also be a very foreign environment for those who have never been. If you plan to go, you need to make some preparation.


    First of all, make sure you get your ticket well in advance. Tickets tend to sell out within an hour of being available online, so you probably want to camp the website beforehand.

    Next, you need to decide what you are going to wear. A lot of people dress up for Comic-Con, trying to imitate their favourite characters. Comic book characters aren’t the only ones people will be dressing as. If the character is recognisable, chances are, you will see someone dressed as him, her or it at Comic-Con.

    You’ll also want to plan which panels you are going to visit. You can’t see them all, so be sure to get a schedule of events so you can plan out your itinerary and see the panels that are important to you.
    Also make sure that you have parking and lodging accommodations set up beforehand.

    There will be lots of people in the area for the event, so you have to plan ahead if you want someplace to park your car or rest your head for the night.

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