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Friday, July 29th, 2016

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    The pros and cons of wearing high heeled shoes


    1.High heels help the wearer’s posture and make the wearer more aware of how they are walking and that builds muscle
    2.High heel shoes make us feel more confident and demonstrate us taller.
    3.According to Meghan Cleary, the most important shoe expert in America, women who wear high heels most of the time, radiate self-confidence and grace while high-heeled boots exude superiority and power
    4.Wearing a pair of power pumps at the office can change your entire demeanor and give you the confidence you need to take charge in a meeting or go after that promotion you deserve

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    T1.hey put huge pressure on the feet, it difficult to walk at times and can cause foot problems and back pain.
    2.Use these high heel sandals very rarely. Wearing heels regularly may cause serious leg and foot injuries in the future. Many of women are infatuated with high heels even if they are painful.

    3.While wearing heels, all our weight is forced on the balls of our feet causing pinching pain. If we don't watch out and force the pain, thinking it would eventually go away, we will end up with M4.etatarsalgia, a common problem that comes from the pain of joints and bones in the metatarsal.

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