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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

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    Clash of Clans Hack
    Millions have already jumped into Clash of Clans and the clan wars are turning in real tough. Here are some tips and tricks to crack the game.

    •Just because you're playing defensively doesn't mean you should neglect your barracks, you can queue up troops to train there, and then get a refund on those in the queue later on, turning your barracks into a kind of temporary, unraidable elixir storage.

    •Build an army of nothing but goblins and giants and attack other. The goblins can collect gold and elixer while giant distract defenses. You'll also need bombers.
    •A good defense strategy is to make sure you create multiple sets of walls and make sure you upgrade them as fast as possible. If you have wooden walls it’s important to keep on upgrading them, especially if you have higher level foes attack your walls.

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    •One of the keys to Clash of Clans success is patience. The game takes over two years to complete from scratch and setbacks will occur along the way. Remaining calm will make it so much better.
    •One of the biggest mistakes new players make is not considering the cost of the units they use to battle. While Giants are great, they also cost a lot more to use than Barbarians. At higher levels, Dragons are great, but they cost a lot more to use than Giants
    Here are some of the pros and cons of Manga comics

    •Manga are quicker and easier to read than books.
    •Mangas are easier to read than books. They are also quicker so you can read more of them. A book will take you longer than a manga.
    •Manga have the most interesting plots you’ll ever come across- over all sorts of genres.
    •The manga can have good and beautiful art.
    •Everything is pretty much uncensored and everything is shown that the creator wants you to see.
    •Series come out very quickly and generally wrap up at a much faster rate than a lot of American comics

    •Manga has no color, only several color pages at most
    •Sometimes one form to another character is almost similar, and often confusing.
    •Sometimes a lot of conversation to turn the story so that when excessive even be confusing and tedious.
    •Some anime or manga contain explicit language, nudity, and graphic gore scenes, some people can find this as a disadvantage, if they are scared of blood, or maybe against nude pictures.
    •Manga is expensive, especially when you like buying your own new copies.
    •Manga is so addictive
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